Chuck Todd

Contrary to what most 1980’s movies would lead you to believe, America’s nerd population is not a monolith. In addition to the rare taped-glasses-pocket-protector-hiked up pants-Urkel variety, nerddom encompasses band nerds, drama nerds, Ren-fair nerds, metal nerds, and Booger Presley on the lead guitar, among a host of others.


We suspect that Chuck Todd was the type of nerd nearest and dearest to our hearts: the adult in waiting. Adults in waiting don’t do things as overtly nerdy as some of their nerd brethren, but they get wedgied for things like asking a question about the commerce clause with only one minute left in class. We imagine a sixteen year-old Chuck Todd sitting by himself in the cafeteria, eating a Pop-tart and memorizing every county in Indiana, satisfied in the knowledge that someday he would dominate the shit out of adulthood. Mr. Todd brings something to the cluttered TV news landscape that almost nobody else does: actual information.

We hope that Mr. Todd can steer our national discourse in a direction where a premium is placed on data and real analysis above endless conjecture and bluster. Its not that we at deadman/party think that math can solve all our problems (our backgrounds read like a competition in picking the least math intensive major: Music? Philosophy? Creative writing? Pretty tough call.), but it is nice to know that at least people are thinking about things in a new, and often times more useful way. Along with Mr. Todd, people like Bill James and Nate Silver approach their respective fields in a novel way: they look at the information in front of them. It is difficult to say whether or not Mr. Todd’s hard data approach will be quite as valuable outside of a campaign environment, but we look forward to finding out. Paul Begala once said “politics is show business for ugly people.” If that’s true, Chuck Todd is George Clooney. Have a beer on us Mr. Todd. You have earned it.


3 responses to “Chuck Todd

  1. “DC is Hollywood for ugly people” is something you can’t say anymore in DC. As is, “It’s really the humidity.” I think we’re getting close to it being really uncool to ask, “who do you work for?” but there is some push-back there.

  2. Chuck Todd is both my hero and my retroactive namesake.

  3. I like Chuck Todd. I’d have a beer with him, but he still deserves a punch for the goatee. But maybe a light punch, in the arm or something.

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