Deadman/party functions more or less like a judicial body. We hear cases (well, we don’t actually hear them), deliberate, and hand down a verdict and opinion. However, if we ever feel compelled to expand our ludacrispowers to include a legislative branch, our first order of business will be to mandate a Ludacris verse on every song ever recorded. The man is a net benefit to every track he touches. He makes the good ones great and the bad ones tolerable. What’s that you say? Ludacris already has a verse on every song? Well, he is certainly prolific, but to date, he has limited himself to hip-hop and r&b tracks. We propose giving Mr. Bridges free reign over all of recorded sound. You’ve heard him with with Usher, Fergie, and Nate Dogg, but how about Bob Dylan featuring Ludacris or Symphony No. 1 “Titan” by Gustav Mahler featuring Ludacris or Singing Birds: Nature’s Relaxing Sounds featuring Ludacris? Sign us up.

In addition to his guest appearances, Ludacris has a solid solo catalogue full of the kind of songs you hope to hear on the radio every time you get in the car. We remember fondly the days and weeks following the debut of “Area Codes,” turning the knobs with baited breath hoping to catch it. Hip-hop could use more songs like this (“Throw Some D’s” is but a distant memory) and we hope Luda’s new album can deliver some of what has been missing.

We think the most appealing thing about Mr. Bridges is that he seems to really love rhyming. These days Hova is always doing his hip-hop CEO schtick, Kanye is reminding us what a damaged artist he is (can you believe he didn’t finish college?!), and 50 is, by his own admission, more interested in formulating some new Vitamin Water variety than rapping. While Mr. Bridges has ventured into some other projects (he nearly stole the show in Hustle & Flow), we like to imagine that he spends most of his days thinking of shit that rhymes. We appreciate a guy who likes his job and takes some pride in his work, so take a load off Mr. Bridges. It would be our pleasure to fill your cup like double d’s. Luda!


5 responses to “Ludacris

  1. “It would be our pleasure to fill your cup like double d’s.”

    That is awesome.

  2. Also, I think my favorite Ludacris guest spot is on “Minute Man.”

  3. Dr. Phillip Barbay

    ‘Tis well known I love Luda but that all shrunk up elf jive in Fred Claus is regrettable. Throw some skis on it, Luda, and fly away.

  4. Dr. Phillip Barbay

    My last comment was a haymaker to the gut of syntax. Sheesh.

  5. Did you guys see ludacris on Ellen? It’s hard to make Ellen better, but I think he did it. On a similar subject, have you guys watched the ellen sitcom after her original one but before her talk show? It’s very good. Jim gaffigan is on it.

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