Phil Collins

philSome people blame Phil Collins for the dissolution of Genesis, but we here at deadman/party couldn’t give less of a shit, for not one of us is a bearded, longhaired archivist at the local university library, rather we are people unafraid of the occasional pop tune or Motown cover, just so long as it is not in the hands of Michael McDonald. Sure, sure, King Crimson rules it and bong-rips are pretty awesome too and musical integrity and blah blah blah.  We just happen to not take ourselves too seriously and like to get loose to the get-up rhythms of “Easy Lover” on occasion.  Only a soulless tin-eared cretin would deny the slow majesty of “In the Air Tonight” and “One More Night.”  Coincidence that they rhyme?  We think not.

And we have never seen a man with better style.  From his burnt-butter mullet, through his double breasted suit and down to his Converse all stars, there is nothing the man does not look good in.  Mr. Collins is the only man besides Lionel Ritchie that we will allow to wear a sweater sans undershirt.  Not only will the ladies at the bar be obscuring his view of the football match, he will have us all in stitches.  The “nicest guy in rock and roll” has displayed a keen sense of humor from time to time (probably a requirement for someone too short to ride the teacups) but putting a paint brush and paint can on top of your amp in honor of your wife’s affair with the decorator is downright devilish with a touch of sad clown. What more cold you ask of a drinking buddy?

To paraphrase Jack Donaghy, we do have two ears and heart.  All the better to appreciate Mr. Collins.


2 responses to “Phil Collins

  1. I love him most of all for his cover of “You Can’t Hurry Love”

  2. You know my feelings about Phil.
    So I will just say this is very funny. And I did enjoy the rap. Were those the fat boys?

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